ICF Supports Local Chapters on Regulatory Matters

May 31, 2017

ICF has recently supported chapter engagement in current legislative matters.

Oregon, USA

In May 2017, an amendment (A3) was introduced to House Bill 2303 in the Oregon State Legislature. Had this amendment passed as written, it could have impacted Life Coaches, Parenting Coaches, and Wellness Coaches by limiting the practice of coaching in the state. Thanks to the efforts of ICF and ICF Members and Credential-holders in Oregon, the amendment was defeated at a hearing.

Texas, USA

Early into the legislation cycle, ICF became aware of a measure in Texas that, as written, would potentially redefine psychology and impact a coach’s ability to practice. With efforts led by members from local ICF Chapters, we participated in numerous negotiations over the course of many weeks and are confident that coaches in the state will not be impacted at the current time.

Minnesota, USA

A bill was recently introduced in Minnesota to modify existing statutes regarding the licensure of psychologists in the state, which, as written, would potentially limit the practice of coaching to licensed psychologists in the state.

After weeks of action from local coaches, ICF was invited to meet with members of the Minnesota State Legislature and representatives of the Minnesota Board of Psychology. Upon meeting, it was discovered the concern that the Psychological Association was trying to regulate coaching in Minnesota was unfounded. In response to our concerns, the Minnesota Psychological Association gave us a letter to provide further understanding about the proposed bill. We do not anticipate any immediate impact to coaches in the state.

ICF would like to convey gratitude to all the coaches in Oregon, Texas and Minnesota who rallied on behalf of the coaching profession these past few months. We are truly inspired by your commitment to the field of coaching. 

Regulation can have an impact on your ability to coach in the world today regardless of location. ICF works diligently to ensure your ability to make a living is not hampered. This is one of the many things ICF does to support its Members and Credential-holders.

If you would like to be involved with ICF’s international regulatory initiatives and updates, please contact Michael Burgess at michael.burgess@coachfederation.org for more information.