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Coaching Success Stories

“Isikkent has been a pioneering school on many fronts since its founding. Thanks to its alignment with our vision and objectives, coaching has yielded fruitful results for all stakeholders.”   — Vedat Erol, PCC, collaborative creator of Isikkent Schools coaching program

“I guess I love to see people grow and move towards their goals and I like to see people begin to believe in themselves. One person was about to be fired from their organization and they had been given a short period of time to improve. This was a very senior level person. Through the coaching process, we were able to work it so he did not get fired and he’s actually still working in the organization and has actually reached a higher level.”   — Colleen Carruthers, PCC

“Coaching has provided a common language that is gaining popularity in the workplace as it creates new learning and sets people up for success. Asking powerful questions, facilitating the process, putting them in charge: It’s all a way to get them involved in the organization’s day-to-day decision-making process, make them a success in their area and make them a success in achieving the target.”   — Dilep Misra, ACC, President-Corporate Human Resources, J.K. Organisation

“Coaching at DAU is valued as a high-impact, ‘beyond the classroom’ learning and performance engagement. We have strong resource support because we are able to demonstrate that we are making a difference in the lives of the leaders we coach and in their organizations.”   — Richard D. Hansen, Jr., ACC, Director, Leadership Programs and Coaching, Defense Acquisition University

“When I’m doing three- to four-month post-coaching evaluations with new leaders, I often hear, ‘I now use the coaching questions that were used with me with my staff, and that’s making them more effective.’ Their goal for coaching may be to become more effective as a leader, but the longer-term effect is that they are using these skills with their staff, thereby allowing them to be more effective and become more empowered.”   — Jaclyn A. Smith, Vice President, CareSource University

"As a result of our coaching, she found her voice, her power, her confidence and as a result of our coaching she is still at that organization today. She has been promoted twice..."   — Lesley-Ann Marriott, PCC

"What I see in a lot of people now days, is they want to know what they want to do when they grow up. That is that awareness that they have all the sudden in their life and they want somebody to draw that answer out of them."   — Moty Koppes, MCC

"To observe changes and benefits that developed as the company moved more deeply into a coaching culture was extraordinarily rewarding.”   — Esra E. Aksuyek, PCC, collaborative creator of Roche-Turkey coaching program.

"At Banner, coaching has become an essential tool for helping new leaders acclimate to our culture and accelerate their development..."   — Ed Oxford, Banner Health senior vice president/chief talent officer

“You have a growing group of people—a very diverse group as you can imagine—from across the organization bringing the lessons learned from the program into their work, practicing new behaviors … This all creates a more positive work environment.”   — Sandra Haji-Ahmed, former director of OHRM’s Learning, Development and HR