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Member Testimonials

“I went to my very first global coaching conference in 2007 in Long Beach and I was absolutely blown away, which made me come back to South Africa and start a chapter. It was just the wisdom, the abundant support you get."   — Tammy Perrie, ACC

“People say why join a coaching association? What does it bring you? I think the question is wrongly put. Its what do you bring the association? ... So I joined the ICF to validate the ICF —very paradoxically. It’s not only to be validated as a coach. Being an MCC, I obviously passed the ICF exams but I could say the ICF passed my exam. So it’s a win–win partnership."   — Alain Cardon, MCC

"I am very thankful for ICF… ICF has put a tremendous amount of credentialing weight in coaching."   — Moty Koppes, MCC

"... We are focusing on getting everyone accredited, building up the profession, and changing as we evolve. Their [ICF's] evolution or their ability to be flexible on that is one of the reasons I think they’re highly respected.”   — Lesley-Ann Marriott, PCC

"ICF gives this support to schools and coaches. That’s one part. The other part is seeing the improvement of schools and individuals. Then the sense of community that we have. I think that’s very important."   — Ana Luisa Vieira Pliopas, PCC